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A pioneer and leader in the Alberta market for recycliing aggregates, our fleet of three Hazemag impact crushers moves on to the contractors site to crush concrete rubble to road base, or asphalt rubble to Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP).   By mobilizing onsite, the impact to communities is minimized as there are less haul off and import costs. Our client base includes municipalities, developers and integrated construction material suppliers.

In order to meet engineering specifications, our impact crushers shatter the material, allowing the production of well graded material containing sand sizes and fines in their original form.  Compared to traditional jaw crushers, Fish Creek's impact crushing is faster, more effecient, crushes a greater variety of materials and provides greater control over product size.

Equipped with a heavy duty magnet, all rebar removed from the concrete is removed, processed and recycled through a steel foundry.

Our professional crews are backed by supervisors with many years of industry specific experience.

Concrete / Asphault Disposal

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