Concrete / Asphalt Recycling

Since 1995, Fish Creek Excavating has been recycling concrete and asphalt materials to meet and exceed engineering product specifications.

In the past, concrete and asphalt rubble collected from demolition or re-construction projects was hauled to landfill, where it took up premium space. Aggregate recycling was initiated through the development of crushing equipment (used to process the rubble) and an increased interest in the use of recycled material as a road base.

Why Recycled Aggregate

  • Provides better in place performance over comparable virgin aggregates. Incorporating recycled concrete into marginal quality subgrade enhances the load bearing capacity by changing the water susceptibility of the subgrade itself.
  • Reduced material costs – Recycled Concrete has a higher yield than virgin aggregates, weighing 10-15% less.
  • Diverts material from landfill and eliminates tipping fees.

A pioneer and leader in the Alberta recycling market, Fish Creek has a fleet of three Hazemag horizontal shaft impactors for mobile crushing throughout the province of Alberta and product sales in Calgary.


Our products are 100% post-consumer granular material conforming to City of Calgary sieve requirements, created by crushing raw rubble brought to our yard. A great alternative for any LEED or non-LEED project.

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Both commercial and residential demolition rubble is brought to our yard both to ease disposal costs vs landfills, and to ensure it will be re-used in future projects.

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Mobile Crushing

Mobile Crushing: Be it concrete, asphalt or gravel you would like to crush on your site, our mobile crushing can get the job done. Our 3 horizontal shaft impact crushers and screen spreads can create any size of material you may need.

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