Concrete / Asphalt Disposal

Fish Creek provides a solution to developers, contractors and homeowners for waste streams that are generated from reconstruction projects. If disposed at a landfill, concrete and asphalt are “designated materials” and subject to significant tipping fees. Concrete and Asphalt rubble is accepted at our Calgary depot, if it meets the requirements below.

We accept the following materials:

  • Concrete (hardened and plastic), reinforced or unreinforced
  • Clean asphalt slabs and grindings
  • Bricks, paving stones, cinder block
  • For large or hard to handle material, a hard to handle tipping fee will be applicable

For LEED projects (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design), we offer scale ticket documentation, to validate that the material was recycled instead of landfilled.

We do not accept the following materials

  • Concrete pipe and manhole barrels containing wire mesh
  • Clay, organics or black dirt mixed in with broken up concrete or asphalt
  • Any type of garbage, including wood, plastic, paper, trees or stucco.
  • Concrete and asphalt rubble co-mingled together

For City of Calgary Landfill rates, click here.

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