We supply a range of transportation-specific stone products for construction and maintenance. We can provide many transportation & energy infrastructure products, such as rail ballast, insulating rock, asphalt aggregates, and sanding chips. Contact our office for large project pricing.

Rail Ballast

Produced from a high silica limestone, the material properties meet and exceed specifications for both heavy and light rail applications.

Rail ballast has been supplied for industrial and major municipal projects.

  • Nordegg Limestone Rail Ballast Material – Various Sizes – See PDF
  • Prairie Creek Dolostone Rail Ballast Material – Low LA Abrasion 18-25% – See PDF
  • Prairie Creek Rustic Rail Ballast Material – See PDF

Insulating Rock

  • Meets Enmax Specifications
  • Resistivity of 3000+ ohm∙m. – See PDF

Asphalt Stone

Produced from a high silica limestone, the stone and related fines have exhibited high performance material properties for use in the manufacture of Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA). A major municipality in Alberta is annually supplied with the material in order to improve the lifecycle and preventive maintenance of heavy duty truck routes.

  • SMA is manufactured in 8-16 mm rock, 2.5 – 8 mm chip, and minus 2.5 mm manufactured fines.
  • 100% Fracture Faces
  • Low LA Abrasion 18-20%
  • Zero Clay or Organics

Sanding Chips

Produced from a high silica limestone, sanding chips exhibit material properties of low abrasion and high durability. Manufactured in a dry screen process, sanding chips have minimal fines, mitigating freeze up of stockpiles in sub zero temperatures.

Fish Creek annually supplies a major municipality with sanding abrasives which is combined with recycled sand to meet their winter program needs.

  • Available in 2.5-8 mm sizing
  • 100% Fracture Faces
  • Low LA Abrasion 18-20%
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